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About the Nude Wine Company

The Nude Wine Co. is wine as nature intended. We are passionate about wine and believe the closer you get to nature, the better it is for everyone. We focus on sourcing organic and biodynamic wines from Europe and further afield. Founded in 2019 by Michelle Lawlor who has worked in the wine industry for 18 years across 3 continents.

Educator in Ireland, sommelier in the UK, wine trader in Hong Kong, and cellar-hand in Italy and New Zealand. Her broad depth of the experience and knowledge is merged together for The Nude Wine Co’s market leading website.

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Wine Classes

Wine Classes, Virtual Wine Courses & Special Events

The Nude Wine Co is perfect for those who love wine and would like to know more.

We specialise in organic, vegan and natural wines and have a fun non-alcoholic range too. Learn in a fun and interactive environment and taste wines at the same time. Unlike most wine courses on the market, we take a laid-back approach, remember, its just a drink! Impress your friends and try new things with our range of courses and events.