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Wine TastingDoes Organic Wine Give You a Hangover?
Does organic Wine Give you a Hangover

Does Organic Wine Give You a Hangover?

There are so many benefits to drinking organic, natural and biodynamic wines, but alas, the hangover comes largely from the alcohol percentage. There are actually 13 ingredients in a bottle of wine, and some of the bigger producers will go right to up their legal limit for adding in preservatives, sugar and other additives which can contribute to the infamous ‘prosecco hangover’.


Organic wine means wines made from organically farmed grapes. Copper can be used here but little else. The are no pesticides or herbicides used in the vineyard, meaning no nasty chemicals go into your body! When grapes are farmed organically the roots of the vine reach deeper into the soil, and the wine tends to have more intensity and life. Biodynamic wines are those produced around the lunar calendar, in short, its like organic on steroids.


Sulphur and sulphites are another big question we hear all the time. Sulphur is a naturally occurring substance in wine, as part of the fermentation process. Every wine has it! Some of the bigger producers are known for using additional amounts to preserve the wine as a risk management exercise.


The ‘prosecco hangover’ is a result of extra sugar and perhaps some additional sulphur which gets added into some of those mass produced wines. To get a less intense hangover here are some tips!



  1. Drink Water! A very important point to remember, especially as the days get hotter and its easier to become dehydrated.
  2. Opt for wines that are 12.5% and lower
  3. Look for smaller producers. You don’t always have to shop organic to get an artisan produced wine. Normally wines produced in smaller quantities need less preservatives, as the quantities are smaller. My tip, avoid wine that is advertised on the TV!



Domaine Roche-Audran Merlot Vins de France 2019

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