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Wine TastingWhat Makes A Wine Vegan?
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What Makes A Wine Vegan?

Is all wine not vegan?

It’s an odd concept to think that wine may not always be vegetarian or vegan friendly. When the wine has finished its fermentation it is traditionally fined and filtered with animal proteins (casein) or egg white in fine wines resulting in a clear, clarified juice.


What is Vegan wine?

When vegan or vegetarian wines are produced instead of using animal by products to fine and filter the wine an agent called bentonite clay is used or they are chosen not to be filtered at all in a low intervention style resulting in a cloudy, exciting style of wine.


How can you tell if a wine is vegan friendly?

Some wine producers choose to place a badge on the wine bottle label stating that the wine is vegan or vegetarian friendly. But this is sometimes not the case for all vegan friendly producers, if you are pondering about whether a wine is vegan or not a top tip is to watch out for a line stating the wine is unfined and unfiltered.

Vegan friendly badge

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