• Comprised of four grapes hard to remember and even harder to pronounce, this red is a brilliant little number. Neither too dry nor too full bodied combined with flavours of plums and blackberries with hints of mocha and caramel, make this an all-round winner. Casa Lima Santos having been making wine in the Lisboa region since the 19th century. In 1990 the estate had a massive facelift with the injection of improved agricultural practices, a modernisation of its productive structure and replanting of the vines.
    TypeRedGrapeCastelao (50%), Camarate (20%), Tinta Miuda (15%), Touriga Na?ional (15%)
    Farming Practices
  • An orange wine from Portugal, its basically a white wine made from the fragrant grape of Moscatel with extended time on skins to extract colour, flavour and structure. A wine made in the orange wine style, which has some skin contact. Its all the wild things we love about this style, cloudy, funky, rich and full of flavour. Order with caution, its cloudy (non-filtered) and has crystal tartrates as its stored in a cool place. A brilliant wine for the adventurous drinker!