• Kalkundkiesel is a blend of 3 white grapes, Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay and Weissburgunder. It?s a white wine made like a red wine, with extended contact and maceration of the skins with the juice. The result is a savoury and textural wine, cloudy and golden in colour. Claus Preisinger farms his vines to the biodynamic principles of Rolf Steiner and in the winery he follows his gut and passion in how to make and bottle his wines. It?s a low-tech production, and a reflection of Claus? own nature.
    TypeOrangeGrapePinot Blanc, Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay
    Farming PracticesBiodynamic, Natural
  • An orange wine is white wine with extended contact (known as maceration) with the skins, which effectively makes it a white wine make like red wine. Anima Arancio is a dry orange wine made from the local Italian grape called Arneis. Savoury, nutty and herbaceous, with fresh acidity, it’s an unbelievable match with food. Yum! One of our favourite wines to drink! Multi-award winning and with a cult following, Claudio Fenocchio is charging forward with his vision for the art for marrying tradition with the contemporary in his organically produced wines.  
  • An orange wine from Portugal, its basically a white wine made from the fragrant grape of Moscatel with extended time on skins to extract colour, flavour and structure. A wine made in the orange wine style, which has some skin contact. Its all the wild things we love about this style, cloudy, funky, rich and full of flavour. Order with caution, its cloudy (non-filtered) and has crystal tartrates as its stored in a cool place. A brilliant wine for the adventurous drinker!