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Giol, Colfondo Prosecco Treviso

Giol, Colfondo Prosecco Treviso


This is prosecco, but not as you know it. Made in the ancient method where the second fermentation takes place in the bottle, this is as cloudy as apple juice! Its a unique flavour that is filled with lemons and limes and a slightly bready texture. Loads of depth and unlike most of the proseccos available on the market today.

Giol having been making since the 15th century and have been farming organically since 1987. They are also low sulphur wines.

Prosecco Colfondo is made from the Glera grape and the term Colfondo refers to the production method which is a second fermentation in the bottle on the lees. This method gives the wine a unique flavour and body. A wine worth seeking out!

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