Not for faint hearted, we love these wines for so many reasons. The clever labelling and handsome faces are the perfect lure for these rich, full bodies and masculine style of wines. Did we mention they are biodynamic and vegan friendly too!
They are all made from 100 year old Tempranillo vines, Tempranillo being the primary grape in Rioja.

This box includes 3 bottles 

  • Matsu ‘El Picaro
    The cheeky young guy has a small amount of time in oak and is perfect in youth (we are talking about the wine!)
  • Matsu ‘El Recio
    Translating as the tough guy, this wine is a stunning bottle, rich, opulent and elegant. A fancy wine for Saturday night.
  • Matsu ‘El Viejo’
    The Old Guy is a wine for savouring. Hand picked grapes aged for 16 months in New French oak. A seriously special wine.
Farming PracticesBiodynamic