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Virtual Wine Course | Quirky Europe

Virtual Wine Course | Quirky Europe



Dates: 9th February 2021
Time: 8.30pm
Location: Zoom
Duration: 75 mins each night (approx)

How it works?
Once you order the Virtual Wine Course we will deliver the box of wine to your door, along with the accompanying Zoom.

Up to 2 people per household can join, there is no additional fee for the second person to attend, nor do they need to order an additional box of wine.

Whats included?

Our Quirky Europe Course explores some of Europe’s lesser known gems. The box contains 1 white from Crete from the grape Assyrtiko, it was one of our wines of the year last year. For the reds, we have two absolute stunners that you are sure to be blown away by. Both from the Iberian Peninsula; a red from Douro which tastes as good if not better than Bordeaux and a cheeky fruity red from Valencia made in ancient amphorae casks.

This box includes:

  • 1 bottle of Lyrarkis Assyrtiko, 1 bottle of Xisto Ilimitado Red, 1 bottle Celler del Roure Vermell
  • Regional notes of grape styles

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